Hispanic culture is rich in traditions and flavors of many different types of foods.  Ethnic cuisines influenced largely foods manufacturers, convenience stores and local markets as well.   People who arrived from Latin American countries try to keep their authentic flavors and cuisines, but second generations of Hispanic Americans, especially Millennials, who continue to rise in numbers, are eating both traditional home-cooking meals and food choices from convenient, sit-down restaurants, and fast foods.  So, healthful eating is a challenge.   Choices such beans, quinoa, plantains, rice, avocados, tortillas, pumpkin seeds, arepas, flan, papaya, mango, and so on, can be part of a nutritious meal plan.  Being mindful of portion control, all these foods consumed within the Hispanic culture provide abundant health benefits including cardio-protective compounds, fiber, Vitamins A, and C, and are good sources of plan based-proteins.


Araceli Vázquez, MS, RDN, LD

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